What is the best Biotin Vitamin for Hair Growth?

There are many qualities of Biotin Vitamins – and some are easily absorbed into the body than others, and therefore more effective in treatment for beautifying hair growth (hair thickening or growing just more beautiful hair).

biotin and hair growth in men and women

What are the best Biotin vitamins?

First of all – if you are taking only Biotin for hair growth or hair related, you must understand that there is a much stronger foundation you can add to your body, to create a more powerful result, i.e for your hair growth or regrowth.

Most people simply take the supplement and expect results, but the thing is, you must be doing other things towards being healthy to get this far – eating a lot of carbs and sugar is working against your entire hair growth regime – because hair growth requires a healthy blood flow and reduced inflammation, this can only happen when there is no sugar in the blood (this means carbs fats and sugar) – meaning that you are primarily on the protein diet.

Now when it comes to finding the best quality biotin vitamin whilst you are on a healthy diet – well, it’s simple – you find the most expensive supplement for Biotin out there, and buy it – this means biotin alone, not combined with other supplements, otherwise you will be paying way too much for what you really need – as pictured above, our research shows that Solgar is a well known brand, and also provides quality supplements.

Sometimes other companies sell cheaper alternatives, which still is biotin, but because of their poor quality, they aren’t absorbed by the body very well, and are useless even when taken in larger doses.

Remember to take some collagen supplements too – we will talk about this in our next blog post. We already talked about Rogaine and reviewed it here, so do have a look if you are thinking about using it to grow thicker hair.

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