Shallow Breathing means Hair Loss?

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Shallow breathing can mean hair loss – how?

We already know that stress can cause a lot of hormonal imbalance which can then cause inflammation and circulatory problems which then can cause hair thinning in many people (depending on their body type) – but how can the way you breath, be it shallow or deep, cause hair thinning?

Well – there is a saying in Chinese culture – your breathe is your source of life, and as you start breathing shallow, breath leaves faster and as it gets shallower, you can see how long you have left to live. Although this is not a popular saying, as not many people want to hear about this – but this breathing pattern is observed in people who are very stressed out with events and generally – and this is a sign of already a serious imbalance in the body and mind which must be corrected, not for the sake of hair growth, but for the sake of your well being.

Deeper breathing is harder to do when you are already breathing shallow – but what can be done is a lot of cardio exercise which makes you go out of breath after a while – this is vital, as it uses up 100% capacity of the lung, and this helps detoxify the body (larger percentage of toxins are desposed off from breathing alone!) as well as reduces heart rate, which in turn relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation – not only does your sex life improve, your hair grows thicker and your eyes are brighter – of course, constant exercise and nutrition should be observed all through life, not just a temporary fix for hair growth or just for looking better.

Another way to increase deeper breathing is by meditation and Yoga – both help increase deeper breathing – you don’t have to even try to consciously breathe deeper, you simply focus on the exercise, be it meditation or yoga – as the focus on something like this will already relax you to a state where your breathing is slow and deep, as well as your heart rate being steady and slow (in a healthy way).



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