Shallow Breathing and Hair Loss Link

shallow breathing 33There is a lot of links to various ailments to shallow breathing – and new studies show that shallow breathing and hair loss are linked in more ways than one.

Shallow breathing is done by most people in today’s time – they simply breathe to their upper chest, instead of breathing all the way down to their belly button (yes we know lungs don’t go that far, but the intention of breathing down to the belly button is natural).

Why does shallow breathing cause hair loss?

Shallow breathing means that your nerves are tightening, and you aren’t even fully aware, as they have been doing this very gradually over the years or months – this means that the body is not relaxed (soft and supple) state it needs to be, for blood circulation to freely move around the body – this then means that hormone excretion can be affected negatively (although stress itself already affects hormone excretion – this shallow breathing also will contribute) – not only that, but this tightening will result in facial and neck muscles slowly tightening – this reduces blood circulation to the scalp greatly – increasing inflammation, and DHT residue in the scalp – and causing hair thinning for both men and women.

Why do we breathe shallow and how did it all start?

Breathing shallow starts in many ways as a young adult or even younger, either to keep the belly tucked in, results in breathing shallow, or general life stress, slowly, but surely causing a tighter diaphragm area.

What is ideal deep breathing?

Deep breathing is what you did when you were a baby – If you ever looked at a baby sleeping, you will see that their belly is what moves up and down, and not their chest – this is deep breathing.

To change the habit from shallow to deep, not only does it take practice by doing the following: put your hand on your chest, and breath without making your chest move, but move your belly instead – but also takes time and effort – exercise of intense types (short and intense) such as jumping rope or running very fast until you are gasping for air, relaxes the nerves around the chest and diaphragm area – resulting in normal deep breathing and using the full capacity of the lungs.

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