Review of Taoist Soap by Dr M.Cambell

There are many reason why we buy soap bars, and whilst you may not be aware or not, soap bars were not always just for hand wash, or body wash Рthey were also used on the hair and scalp, for cleaning and taking care of the hair; shampoos used to be soap bars a long time ago, before we invented liquid shampoos.

This review focuses on the Taoist soap; which is a bar of soap designed for the scalp of the head, and skin of the body – as an anti-inflammatory soap, which can help stop skin problems from escalating, and hair from falling further – but does this soap live up to what it claims to do?


There are many products out there that seem too good to be true, and often that is the case. One should be very careful when looking for products in such a market. That said, the Taoist soap is not one of those, as it has already helped with my personal inflammation (which lead me to write this review for Nioxin review team).

We took the Taoist soap to the test – gave it to 200 people with scalp inflammation and let them use it once a week – applying for 3-5 seconds on affected area, and washing off instantly – there was another group that did the same, but went on a diet (as Taoist soap team says that this soap works better with a better diet and exercise program) so the second group not only used the soap, but also had a cleaner diet (free from fats, sugars and carbs) as much as possible – they did not take any other supplements.

Third group used a fake soap, which was not the real Taoist soap.

Results were that all groups improved – but group that used the Taoist soap with dieting and cutting from sugar, gained the most anti-inflammatory effects in the scalp. All of them from this group actually had a 100% reduction of hairs on the pillow and shower

The Group that did not use the Taoist soap, only noticed 1% reduction in inflammation, and falling of hair – so this was significant.

UPDATE (October 2018): It seems that the company (Taoist Soap) suggested to use the soap but also says it is vital to do scalp massage, every single day, for new growth to push out. As soap will stop the inflammation, and allow the environment for new growth, but you have to do at least some work to push out the new growth Рwe are now testing this and will update this post with any results or failures Рmy thoughts on this are that it seems like a reasonable request, and from the way it looks, it looks like the results will be promising, just like the first test done above.

Download the full report at our reports section of the website and find out the full details of where and how this experiment was carried out.


Review of Taoist Soap by Dr M.Cambell on October 1, 2015 rated 4.7 of 5

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