Nutri ox VS Nioxin – Which to select for hair growth?




As you know that the Nutri OX and Nioxin are both well known brands for hair care – but do they work and which one is best for hair growth itself? and improving hair thickness and increasing the speed of hair growth?

The problem is that most people think that applying something on the hair itself will solve the hair thinning problem – but this is like wearing makeup if you have bad skin – not exactly a solution, is it?

If you realized that hair thinning happens because of inflammation, and reduced blood circulation, you won’t have to buy products that are artificially increasing hair shaft to make hair look thick, but over time, you still get worse and worse quality hair!

We already understand that hair thinning in men and women is caused by inflammation long term; and then the calcification of the scalp which makes it hard for hair to even grow (which scalp massage of 30 minutes a day can help break down). Chronic inflammation is the main problem and can be stopped with basic changes in lifestyle.

Inflammation can be stopped by using anti-inflammatory products, as well as reduction of eating sugars in the diet (such as carbs, raw sugars in food and fatty foods which convert to sugar in the body). There are products that help, such as listed here – so instead of comparing two products that simply cover up, and have no scientific value to their ingredients and no understanding displayed on their websites and articles, it is better to go the natural way, to look great and feel great about yourself.

Nutri Ox and Nioxin both have great ingredients for a shampoo, but in order for hair growth and increasing hair growth speed and thickening hair, both don’t have the science back up, in eastern nor western medicine, so at this point, both products actually score a negative; just like many hair loss shampoos out there.

BONUS: A regular scalp massage for 20 minutes a day, will help considerably more than even taking supplements.

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