Nioxin Vitamin Review

nioxin vitamin review uk

Nioxin vitamin supplements have been around for a while and looking at Amazon reviews for this product makes one question why so many positive and so many negative reviews at the same time?

The truth is, you have to take a more conscious approach to healing naturally, and looking at the Nioxin shampoos, which claim to make hair grow, and regrow and even thicker hair are false because vitamin enriched shampoo simply does not work – you cannot “feed” hair this way, with only a 1-2 minute application, unless it’s for stopping inflammation, which they don’t mention at all – so that said, this supplement product of theirs is just another way to enter to the hair growth market.

Vitamins are good for you, but they need to be food sourced, and Nioxin vitamin supplements are not food derived. This means they can be taken out from petroleum products; this means you could just be eating plastic, and get the same benefits – it is not bioavailable to the body, so there are no results, perhaps even negative side effects if you are already with a weak immune system.

We personally don’t recommend this supplement, when you can buy better quality supplements from supplement specific stores, such as solgar, which derive their vitamins from food and are vegetarian, gluten free sources.

Sometimes it may be worth to try a new supplement, but do make sure you research if ingredients are synthetic and where they are derived from, as some companies put up a cheap supplement, which is not even effective in being bioavailable to your body.

Some of the side effects from Nioxin vitamins have been diarrhea and other stomach problems; most likely it is because of poor quality supplement, or the user taking the vitamin has a very poor immune system and is over-reacting when taking the supplement – in both cases, this is not suitable for you.


Nioxin Vitamin Review on March 12, 2015 rated 1.5 of 5

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