Nioxin System Ingredients – Analyzed and Reviewed

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What are the main active ingredients of the various Nioxin systems that are around, and do they have any effect on actual hair growth and hair thickening?

There are many shampoos and hair growth systems out there that claim to grow thicker hair, or to help with stopping hair thinning, but not many really know what they are talking about.

Nioxin ingredients are simply to cleanse the scalp in its own way – but there are no ingredients that help with scalp inflammation; the main cause of hair thinning in the first place!

Even if you have a hormone problem, which is the cause of your hair loss (as a man or women), it still eventually leads to inflammation, which then causes the hair shaft to stop growing as well, and eventually stop altogether.

So does Nioxin has this in their ingredients?

Not really – even the vitamins added to the shampoo are synthetic (meaning, they are not derived from real food; so they are not bioavailable for the body) – on top of that, adding vitamins in a shampoo does not do anything for the scalp or hair – the shampoo only stays in the hair for moments before being washed off, and this is not enough time for adequate levels (if any) to be absorbed.

But some people claim Nioxin systems can cleanse your hair follicles, does this not help with stopping inflammation over a period of time?

Yes; it is true to some extent that cleansing will help stop inflammation to only a certain extent – stopping inflammation totally for enough hair growth to occur, or even to stop hair loss, you need more than just having a decent shampoo – and nixon does not provide this, even as a system, rather than just a shampoo.

Things like diet and exercise and various life patterns also have a direct effect on how inflammation will occur in your body – and how much – and usually hair and skin are the first to be attacked, and hair thinning occurs as a natural part of aging.

Although it is possible to maintain a thick head of hair throughout life – this is not achieved by many people as they do not understand the level of discipline and seriousness to health one must take.

Please comment below if you have any questions about the Nixon systems or their ingredients.

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