Nioxin Side Effects

nioxin side effects

Nioxin systems are popular among people looking for hair growth or boosting the quality of their hair; whilst the claims that Nioxin makes are questionable after looking at the ingredients in their products, let’s explore what are the possible side effects of using the Nioxin products over the long term.

The ingredient it contains called sulisobenzone, also found in sunscreen creams, is not safe for use for long term purposes – this is because it causes free radicals upon touching (even topically, let alone if taken internally). What this means is that it destabilizes the atoms, which in turn, damage DNA. 

What does damaging DNA do?

Damages DNA cells cannot replicate that well – this means mutations can occur – and this is part of the aging process. So it can be said, that it actually helps speed up the aging process in the whole body (not just where applied).

The problem with this is – when a cell is touched by a free radical, it makes other cells also unstable – so the more areas it touches, the more unstable cells, and the more unstable cells, the more other cells get damaged and DNA replication can be damaged.

Side effects for free radical damage can include cancer, but all kinds of serious diseases – especially in people who are already in an unhealthy lifestyle.

When someone is trying to look younger, even if they are older, the goal is to not have free radicals in or around the body by eating leafy greens and supplementing with proper antioxidants – but this is doing the opposite.

The Ingredients in Nioxin claim to have vitamins – but are they food derived vitamins? If it does not state it – it is most likely they are artificially made in a lab from non-food sources – which means they are useless to the human body, topically or taken internally, as we cannot benefit from them – if anything, these synthetic vitamins are very harmful for the body in long term use – and even applying on the scalp, can enter the bloodstream and cause negative side effects.

When hair starts thinning, it is often a mix of reasons which causes inflammation, and in turn, hair thinning – inflammation is the root cause, even if the reason is hormonal – but the problem is, putting in toxic chemicals such as some of these shampoos on the market today, will only cause inflammation to increase – which is not good for keeping the hair you already have.

What about the reviews of Nioxin left on websites that say it has helped them?

Often reviews cannot be relied on as they cannot be verified – but the few that can be verified, often see the hair shaft increasing in thickness because of the chemicals added which do this as a temporary effect to the hair – this actually is not good for your hair as it can cause further inflammation, and even more hair loss in long term use.

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