Niacin Vitamin Benefits for Hair Growth

niacin-benefits-for-hairNiacin is a B3 vitamin that has many benefits when consumed in larger quantities, helping resolve various circulatory problems.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that taking enough Niacin (the flushing type), will help not only circulation blocks, but hair growth as well – see our previous post on Niacin and Hair Loss here.

This is not surprising because today (year 2016, at the time of writing this post) we know a lot more than we knew even just 2 years ago – where previously it was thought that there is little evidence between hair loss and blood circulation in the body and scalp – today, we know this is false, and that circulation is vital not only for hair growth, but also the whole body to stay healthy – people who have restored better circulation on the scalp, have restored, regrown (to an extent) their lost hair – or generally thickened their hair.

The significant proof that we can point towards (and you would have to look this up, as this is very well documented) – Minoxidil (Rogaine) was and still is advertised as the only medical product that is proven to regrow hair (do not buy this – read on) – the pharmaceutical companies further claimed, that they had not idea why Minoxidil works to grow hair, and that it just happen to do it.

One simply has to see what minoxidil was originally produced for – and this is not hard to find, as this is a heart patient’s drug – and its main job is to expand the blood vessels, so blood can pass more freely!

Read that again, yes, blood, can, pass, more, freely!

So for the last 20 years, people were intentionally misinformed about this information – as if this was understood, sales for Minoxidil will go down, as there are better, more powerful ways to increase blood circulation to the scalp without negative side effects such as scalp massage with an oil, scalp massage alone and also taking vitamin B3 also known as Niacin to the point when you start flushing (skin turning red for 20-30 minutes after taking).

How do you take Niacin – what is the correct dosage for hair growth?

This is a question that you should ask after you realize this vitamin can be very beneficial – the way to find out what is the ideal dosage, is to buy 50mg capsules, and start at that dosage – if you don’t experience any flushing (reddening of the skin, warm feeling anywhere on the body) then increase dosage after 1 week (after taking 1 capsule 50mg a day) – then increase to 100mg a day – if no flushing – go to 200mg a day and so on, each, after 7 days – when you do experience the flush, that is the dosage you need to stay on – taking more is not needed, just to get the flush, which has the medicinal effects for hair growth, as well as anxiety and stress problems and a whole lot of other things which can’t be listed due to the scope of this post being limited to hair growth (but do research it, it’s very interesting).

Now that you know – please do share this post with family and friends – as this will help people all over, not only with hair problems, but also anxiety and stress related problems.


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