is Nioxin safe?

Nioxin does it work for hair loss There are many Nioxin products out there – but are they safe to use? And is there a chance of causing further hair loss by using it in some people or damaging hair follicles or worse, metal poisoning?

There are certain laws that protect EU customers from toxic products, so to that extent – of course it is safe – but if you are asking for things like, if using Nioxin products will cause more hair loss, or at least has the potential to cause it, then that’s a different story.

There are a lot of shampoos and hair care products that claim about thickening hair – whilst there is a possibility of having natural ingredients to thicken hair, most of these shampoos and hair products have an inflation of the hair ingredient (usually a type of fat) to make the hair look thicker after use, but does not actually thicken the hair growth or regrowth – this is okay, but the safety of this in terms of trying to stop inflammation can be dangerous.

This is because the fat layer on the hair and scalp will only possibly cause inflammation in the long term, and this will worsen hair over a period of time, depending on ingredients and strength of course.

The other problem is that non-organic hair products have heavy metal issues – and we already know heavy metal can cause hair thinning in long term use. Not only that, but certain organic shampoos also have this problem too, as each type of organic certification has different requirements – some are less strict, and some are very strict and have high quality products and foods as a result.

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