How will Nioxin Products help with hair loss?

nioxin reviews uk Nioxin products from shampoos to sprays and whole systems (7 systems as far as I am aware) for various hair types, seem interestingly targeted for men and women suffering from hair loss – but how does it help with hair growth or hair loss?

There are very few clinical trials that have shown hair growth in any product – but this is not because there aren’t any, this is because it is very expensive to carry out anything that can be labelled a clinical trial, and secondly, to get results, there are various body types which require to do various other things as a regime for them to work.

Nioxin may work for some people in maintaining hair – but it from our experience, this won’t grow any further hair, and you would need to carry out and build a regime that is right for your body – as you need to target inflammation, sugar levels, hormone levels as well as circulation ability of the body (in the scalp and the body itself) to get the best results for hair growth, hair thickening and healthy appearance of hair – just like it was when you were a teenager.

Genetics play a role – but they can be bypassed with adequate nutrition – this does not just means vegetables and greens – this means animal protein (sorry animal lovers, but it is scientifically proven that animal protein, from beef, is the most bioavailable nutrition of amino acids for the human body) – and this is required, as well as an external supplement of collagen (grass fed and naturally animals) – you can also get more collagen from bone broth of grass fed cows.

Nutrition is the main aspect of beauty – most people never understand this – and stay the way they developed their habits when they are young – but if you want to change, you need to create the change, change your scenery, if you live in the same place you are trying to make the change, it makes it harder (hence fat camps being around) – you don’t have to go to a fat camp, but you can go on a holiday where you know you will be able to control your food the way you want, and be excited for other things other than food.


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