How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally

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Stimulating hair growth naturally by using specialized methods targeting increase of hair growth for both, men and women, african american or caucasian (all races)- is possible – but it must be understood that multiple dimensions must be tapped into, if you want to get real results on not only hair growth, but hair re-growth too.

There are many ways of stimulating hair growth from the hair follicles, but we have to look at the body as a whole, and how it organizes its efforts in keeping the life supporting system healthy and balanced – if the life supporting system is stressed in any shape or form, it starts to prioritize on what is life supporting, and what is secondary, such as quality of hair growth, amount of hair growth, skin and complexion as well as eyesight and hearing.

This is why the most important thing that is required before you buy any products, is to target your body – even if you are one of those health freaks, yoga people or cyclists, there is always a lot of room for improvement, and you need to find out what this is.

Diet: Firstly, hair grows in environments where the body is not flooded with sugars and fat. This is because of many reasons, not just one. First, fat and sugar feed inflammation, and this is the root cause of hair thinning in men and women – secondly, sugar and fat interfere with insulin and the hormone system of the body, this has a direct impact on your hair and blood circulation – even a tiny amount of fat is enough to clog up those very tiny vessels in the scalp, and cause hair thinning.

Exercise: This is important because it keeps blood flow to all parts of the body. Now see if you are doing enough variations of exercises. If you exercise too much on one type of exercise, for example if you only go running – this could be a problem too – and variation of exercises must be added – for example, yoga, qigong, stretching, weight training (not heavy weights but medium to light weights is best) and cardio like running and jump rope skipping.

A combination of these exercises forces blood in all directions where it normally won’t have gone – not only that, but forces you to breathe deeper, which helps keep the heart beat slower, increase life span as well as detoxify the body (yes, lungs detoxify the body too and push the lymphatic system harder).

Scalp massage for hair stimulation: Because the vessels in the scalp are so tiny, regular and daily scalp massage is a must to stimulate and encourage hair growth naturally. If this is done regularly throughout life, you will never have hair problems, especially if you follow a healthy balanced diet and exercise plan to go with it.

Other tools to help you get there faster can be natural products that are proven to work – you can find the top current products for increasing and stimulating hair growth at our homepage here.

One such product is the Taoist soap – this is known to help with stimulating hair growth on the scalp. Its a soap designed for just the scalp and helps renew and detox and regenerate the lost hair from your youth. There are many reviews stating its benefits and people have used it for all kinds of conditions of the hair to help them. It is important to combine this with the above regime however, as you cannot expect long term results by doing just one thing at a time.


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