Does Rogaine Work? – A Detailed Review

does rogaine work on temples

Rogaine (or Minoxidil which is the chemical inside the brand of Rogaine) is a popular hair growth tool used by many to maintain or try to regrow hair – but does rogaine work? and does it work on temples and receding hairlines?

They often say when you try to find out, how does rogaine work for the hair and scalp – most people and authoritative websites like to answer that nobody knows how it works, but it does – but this is simply not possible – they invented the drug, and they know what it does in the body – there is a reason why they don’t talk much about how it works, as finding an alternative of it would become easier and hair growth would be better understood by everyone – they won’t be able to profit from the huge and permanent monthly sales (you have to take it for life if you wish to keep the results).

So does it work? Yes it does to some extent – but the good news is that you don’t have to take it once you find out how it works – it works by increasing blood supply to the local region where it is applied – it was originally developed to be taken internally for expanding vessels for heart patients with clogged arteries, but when applied topically it also does the same wherever applied – the problem is, it does not work very well for everyone, and effects may differ, side effects for rogaine can be the exact opposite of your goal (losing even more hair) due to the chemicals causing even more inflammation (the root cause of hair thinning in the first place).

So should I get Rogaine?

Not really – you can simply do scalp massage for 30 minutes a day, and you will get the same benefits without unnatural side effects like a puffy face – after all the point of keeping your hair is to look good (to yourself) – why would you settle for a puffy face for life? And if you do delay a dosage – it can cause serious shedding, and losing of hair – because the vessels stay expanded as long as the solution is applied regularly, but if you miss a dose or delay or reduce the dose, this reduces results, and closes vessels constricting blood flow in the scalp even more – so hair loss can be increased by this one silly mistake.

It is way easier to scalp massage because if you scalp massage, even if you delay it by a few hours because you had something to do, it won’t negatively affect the hair growth because you are building new vessels and pushing toxins out when you scalp massage, unlike when you use Rogaine for hair growth – removing toxins plays a huge role as well, because it allows better circulation, and stops inflammation from happening.

Now combine that with improved diet (no sugars and carbs and fats for 90 days) then you have the most powerful hair regrowth plan on the planet – you can also see top products to help your hair growth here to assist you after you have done those things mentioned.


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