Does nioxin work for hair loss?

Nioxin does it work for hair loss

Often people ask questions on which shampoos work for hair loss – Nioxin is a very popular brand targeting itself to help with hair loss. But as we have already analyzed Nioxin system ingredients on this other article, we won’t bore you but tell you that putting vitamins and minerals in the shampoo itself just for nourishing the hair and scalp won’t do much – and from the nioxin reviews we have seen online, they shampoo only artificially enhances hair shaft, but not actually help with hair loss or hair thinning problems in men and women.

So if you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair (as a man or women) – it is better you seek more serious products, and also natural methods which can help you at least stop the hair loss from occurring.

Many people often talk about diet being an important factor in stopping hair loss and helping new hair growth to come in, but another aspect of using natural methods, is that you have to do everything you know that could possibly help with hair loss – this means everything from diet, nutrition, exercise, scalp massage and products you think might work – but you can’t go into it blindly without arming yourself with the right knowledge.

It is widely now understood and accepted that the process of hair thinning is due to inflammation – and if you stop inflammation, you actually stop hair loss (providing that you don’t have chemotherapy or serious vitamin deficiencies). To stop inflammation, partly stopping sugar foods and carbs (and fats) will greatly help, but also using earth based products and shampoos which are SLS free and do not contain toxins (see our homepage for the list of what you can try, and what you should stay away from).

There is not much more to it – but do focus on improving your general health rather than looking for products to buy – buying things makes us feel temporarily better, because we think we might be doing something about our problem, but sometimes, the best thing is to focus internally and see what is really bothering you and causing this stress – exercise almost always helps with stress (mental or emotional especially).

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