Does Nioxin Work for Hair Loss?



does nioxin work for hair loss

Nioxin is a shampoo and hair system designed for the scalp and hair – but does Nioxin work for actual hair loss, and stop the progression of balding in men and women? Or does it help with new hair growth but not hair loss?

Nioxin has been around for enough time, with various systems of Nioxin, all used in combination usually to support each other; but from the observation of ingredients alone, it does not look like it can actually stop hair loss – as hair loss is caused by scalp inflammation (chronic), and to treat something like this, you can’t just use a shampoo or system like Nioxin, even if the vitamins in the products help, you need a more stronger foundation.

Of course, asking a question about ingredients is also questionable – because till today, very few people openly know what even causes hair loss, let alone ingredients that will help hair loss – but we do know that inflammation is the root cause (even if some people suggest it is DHT – it is not, it is DHT causing inflammation, or hormone imbalance causing inflammation)  – and if you can get rid of the inflammation, then you can get rid of the progression of hair loss.

What helps stop inflammation, even to stop hair loss?

Stopping hair loss is a little tricky, as you need to increase circulation and add factors that will stop inflammation. See our top rated products for hair loss here (they aren’t ours, but we have reviewed and rated them based on customer experience, and our own experience with them).

Will Nioxin Work for Hair loss?

You can use Nioxin, but it won’t actually stop the falling of hair itself, as you need a deeper rooted method to do that, and this is not a single product, but a method or regime that suits you; starting by improving diet, nutritional intake, and also scalp massage using a good oil, and then when you have done that, you can consider one of the products rated on our homepage here:

The point is to be sensible – you can’t expect miracles when your body itself needs nutrition and is not able to absorb it due to a health condition – one has to understand that secondary processes like skin and hair are not priority in the body, when health is declining – so get your game up, and know it is possible to renew scalp and skin no matter what your age!

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