Does Nioxin shampoo work?

Nioxin shampoo has been around for a while and has many reviews of people stating that it seems to help – but the truth is not entirely presented in these reviews as Nioxin ingredients don’t help actual hair thinning problems – Click¬†here for the top rated hair growth shampoos and products in terms of effective hair growth or stopping hair loss.

So should you use Nioxin shampoo? 

Yes you can – but only if you want to use a artificial hair shaft thickener – it works by inflating the hair shaft temporarily, so it only looks like it is thickening hair, but in reality, it’s not doing much other than cleaning the hair.

When tested against anti-inflammatory shampoos, we found that even basic shampoos help inflammation instead of Nioxin – our list of the most effective hair growth products that work are listed on our homepage – and these are supporters of hair growth.

When trying to grow thicker hair and new hair from a shampoo or product – it is important to understand that such methods need more of a regime, rather than just trying one product or method, and then trying another – it’s the collective effort of the entire regime, that aims to grow thicker hair, faster!

What about the before and after results found on Nixon websites or other review websites?

Truth is, these are edited and specially taken pictures that are made to fool you into thinking that just using a silly shampoo will affect hair growth the way they are stating – for example, see the image below, which is taken from one of the Nioxin review sites:

nioxin before and after results

If you look at the pictures – first thing, you know is that you don’t even know if this is the same person – there is no way to of telling, so it is easy to state. Secondly, you see, that the last picture with most seeming hair, is much darker in picture light, than all other ones, especially the first one, which is shining bright light to the scalp so it can shine through.

This already shows intention to deceive, so it is not something that should be relied upon – most before and after pictures always have this pattern – either you can’t recognise the person, or the lighting is very bad – and in this modern time, even the lowest cheapest phones have decent cameras – so this is no longer an excuse as it was in the 90’s! So please, be smart, when picking something for your regime.

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