Does Nioxin Scalp Treatment Work?

does nioxin scalp treatment work

Nioxin scalp treatment – does it work? and how does it work, and does it work for all hair types or better for certain hair types?

Nioxin scalp treatment was seemingly designed for people with hair thinning and other scalp related problems. It was created by Nioxin the company that makes shampoos and other hair loss and growth related products.

From looking at the science behind Nioxin scalp treatment, we cannot see evidence that it will work for actual hair re-growth; but it does seem to help make users of the product actually feel better about their hair; although there is a percentage that have had allergic reactions to this product, so use a small amount in a small area to test it out – allow 24 hours before actually using the treatment again.

Other scalp treatments exist, and they are based on other understandings of hair loss; such as the products listed on our homepage.

There are many studies that have been conducted that talk about skin absorption by applying topical products like the Nioxin scalp treatment – this study on vitamin E on topical absorption talks about the effectiveness of this; shows that you need to apply treatments a little longer than most Nioxin treatments are suggested – so results for actual hair growth with a scalp treatment like this are unlikely.

That said, some people still have benefited from using this, but this is not as many as you probably have seen on amazon reviews and other review websites. Read about the Nioxin shampoo review here, which talks about the shampoo and it’s effectiveness.

How should you use the Nioxin scalp treatment for hair growth?

The best way to really get real results is to use a product as a part of a regime; and no single product, can fully affect your scalp to cause instant hair growth – as growing hair is a complex problem; there is a lot to worry about in terms of resolving – from calcification of the scalp, to inflammation, clogged vessels and even hormone imbalance which many people naturally go through in today’s tough work environments – please see our homepage for the top listed products for hair growth and helping you build the best regime possible, customized specifically for you.

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