Does Nioxin Regrow Hair? (A Detailed Look)

does nioxin regrow hair

Nioxin shampoo and products are targeted for hair conscious people – but do any of the products actually regrow hair?

The problem is, regrowing hair is actually possible, and has been done on an individual level many times over – but things are much more complicated when you look at the reasons why hair can thin, in men, and also in women, of all races and ages – this is why we haven’t been able to come up with a cure all solution for everyone – as everyone individuals hormone, diet and emotional state is different – so you need to read this and pay attention.

Women can find hair growth a little easier than men, as they don’t have enough of the male hormone – but this does not mean they can have thick hair either – work is still needed – and there is no such thing as just taking a pill or shampoo, and instantly growing hair.

Grow hair by 40% more with using just two methods

Hair growth is possible when used in a regime, and when you pay attention to your body. There are nutritional, health  (emotional and physical) as well as external factors that must all be looked at.

Most people actually believe with great conviction, that they eat healthy – the problem is, most people often are not nutritionists, and they have just used google, and youtube videos to educate themselves about a topic that needs to be taught from A-Z to be fully understood – for example, someone who is vegetarian with anemic condition will surely have problems growing thicker hair – they aren’t going to get the protein that is bioavailable – yes we heard that vegetables have proteins – these are NOT the same and are not absorbed the same way – beef amino acids are most easily absorbed and converted into human amino acids used to repair and build the whole body, including hair and skin.

Now to grow thicker hair – you would need to make sure you have lean beef supplementation – you don’t need a lot, just some, cooked medium rare or less.

Next you need to do scalp massage on a daily basis – even if it is for ten minutes a day to start with, without this key ingredient, you cannot really affect your hair growth.

The third which is not really an ingredient, you need to reduce and remove carbs and sugar from your diet – these damage hair growth and affect hormones in a negative way – you just need to do this for a short time – 1-2 weeks up to 6 months.

Only after you have started doing the above, you can consider buying a product to help you with hair growth – we rate some hair growth products – but


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