Does Nioxin Grow Hair for Men or Women? Explored

does nioxin help regrow hair Nioxin shampoo and vitamins are all used towards hair care, but do any of them actually regrow, actual hair? If so, how, if not why not?

Some people also ask how long does it take for Nioxin to work, and similar questions – so let’s cover each aspect of Nioxin.

Nioxin shampoo is a great shampoo used for hair; but it is not really designed for hair growth itself, but just the actual hair that is on the head.

It is good for cleaning the scalp, but not for actual hair regrowth based on studies and reviews done from various sources – and it is in the category of artificially making hair look thicker and better, but not actually helping hair growth.

Also – the effectiveness of Nioxin on working artificially (not actual growth of hair) is dependant on the water and water hardness and softness; hard water does not mix well, and won’t be as effective in making hair appear thicker.

Long term use of products that artificially make hair appear thicker, may cause inflammation, which is the actual cause of hair thinning in men and women alike – and for this reason, long term use is not recommended if you are looking to keep thick hair – although you can use it, but don’t use it too much; such as daily usage is not recommended – perhaps once every 2 weeks is maximum to keep inflammatory residue buildup at a low.

So what does grow hair if not Nioxin?

There are many products that are designed to work as a tool to help grow hair and thicken hair – but the key underlying aspect of this is, scalp massage.

Scalp massage for 20 minutes per day, every single day, is vital for actual thickening of hair growth. This is not limited to men; but also women. When combined with tools for hair thickening, such as the one listed on our homepage (various, so please see homepage); then you can see fastest results.

The problem is, that these products never see fame, is because people are skeptical and think it is another snake oil (fake product) being sold, due to the past attempts of companies. But this is not always the case – hair growth is a tricky subject, and needs to be tackled in a holistic approach, as well as a way of regimes.

So if you have hair thinning, you can use products, but also make sure you do scalp massage, diet, exercise are perfect; balance of emotions and hormones, relax (stress management) and so on – all areas must be looked at, and corrected and built upon.


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