Does Niacin help hair loss? Things you did not know

does niacin help hair lossNiacin is a B3 vitamin that is needed by the body – in larger doses, has been found to be beneficial for various conditions in men and women.

People have often asked if Niacin can help stop hair loss, and the simple answer to this question is that it is a little more complicated to answer yes or no.

Niacin taken in small doses does not do enough benefits as it is known for doing – but finding the right dosage for you, only you can really do – as some people get the flush from just 50 mg, and some from after taking 500mg – this is because each person has varying degrees of requirements of the B3 vitamin – and when they reach their limit, the famous Niacin flush is felt.

How Important is a Niacin flush, and can I buy the Non-flushing type instead if I don’t like flushing?

Niacin flush is what the benefit is – if you take non-flushing type, it will not have any benefits whatsoever, and it may even damage the kidneys and liver as it contains certain compounds which are designed to slow release in the system, but this also hinders the body’s system and is not healthy to do.

So is Niacin helpful for stopping hair loss?

Yes it can be useful – but you need to take it long term (year or two at least) to see real benefits. I personally have a hectic lifestyle, so I take 500mg of niacin to get any flushing to occur, and find taking 1 a day also helps deeper sleep, and more relaxed day to day time.

It does not only help by increasing blood flow to the scalp – which is also very important – it also helps by relaxing the nerves of the body, which are a major cause of anxiety issues due to lack of vitamins – anxiety in long term always has hair thinning and speeding up of aging – this vitamin will help reverse or stop that if taken with a regime.

The regime you do will have to be unique to your body and life, only your attention to your body will show you what direction to go towards – and this requires conscious effort at all times. This is bigger than just helping stop hair loss – as hair loss is just hair loss – but this conscious improvement will ripple into other aspects of your life, and help you grow on those areas too!

You should at least also be doing scalp massage once a day, for 30 to 40 minutes a day – if scalp get’s sensitive, then you may need an oil to help with the massage; you can also use one of the hair growth products listed on our homepage here at nioxin reviews.

Best type of Niacin to take for hair loss?

Yes, there are a lot of brands selling this – the best ones from our teams and my personal experience is from Solgar and other similar brands. The higher the price, usually the better quality the supplement, at least for the better known brands like Solgar.


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