Does Artery Plaque cause hair loss?

artery plaque and hair lossArtery plaque has been a known slow killer for a huge percentage of the population – more people die of heart problems than any other health condition worldwide. We also know today, that hair loss has much more common than it ever was in history.

Health experts have said that there is a link with artery plaque and hair loss – and largely this is due to bursts of overeating to the extent, people have fear of being hungry.

Yes there is a link in artery plaque and hair loss – we know this already – but it is much better understood that this is a major cause of hair loss, as reduced circulation causes increase in inflammation of the localized area (scalp) which then disallows hair follicles to grow normally.

Mind you, inflammation is not what you may think – it is not obvious when you have inflammation. It can be cold inflammation, something not visible to the eye, in any way. Normally we use the word inflammation to describe reddening of an area, or swelling – but the scientific definition is much more complex than that – as there are unknown types of inflammation which we cannot feel or see.


How does artery plaque occur?

Artery plaque gets build up over time, and some scientists call this part of the aging process – but the fact that it happens at varying rates, means there are things that could be done about it.

The main causes of plaque is diet related (high calorie) – consumption of vegetable oils is pretty much at the top of the worst foods used in cooking (an alternative would be seed based oils like rape seed oil, grape seed oil and so on).

How do you reverse artery plaque? Is it possible?

Artery plaque can be removed slowly with correction of diet, increased exercise plan, and a lot of stretching (it causes it to slowly break away and be digested). ┬áThat said, if you are having a serious artery condition, you should see a doctor before using natural methods – as there are certain situations where you may need medical attention which is urgent (such as a main artery being blocked or constricted).

Here are few methods that can help remove or break down artery plaque:

  • organic vinegar once after a meal diluted in water, only teaspoon (too much will cause damage so do not do that)
  • fasting or reduced calorie intake (loosing weight will help a lot)
  • removing vegetable fats and oils from foods in cooking and swapping to seed oils like grape seed oil
  • protein diet for 2 weeks (only eating lean meats with steamed leafy greens for 14 days – no carbs, no sugar and no fats) is probably the most advanced method
  • Exercise regime involving weights, running (cardio) and a lot of stretching (yoga) – combination is always best rather than just doing one type


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