Do Nioxin Hair Growth systems actually work?

nioxin reviews

Nioxin seems to claim some seriously amazing sounding claims about growing thicker “denser-looking hair in 30 days guaranteed” – does this have any scientific backing? what is the catch 22 behind the nioxin systems for hair?

People have been searching for nioxin reviews ever since they introduced their first range of systems, and thanks to a profitable affiliate referral program, a lot of people have setup websites which try to show nioxin reviews Рbut their only goal is to show nioxin positively, so that people will click through the links within their website, and buy the nioxin products, causing them to earn a commision on each sale.

This is great for the seller – but is it really great for the buyer if they are being told that these are honest reviews of people when they clearly have an intention to be bias to make a sale to get paid commision?

So does Nioxin Work for Hair Growth?

In reality, nioxin works by enhancing the hair shaft with chemical based ingredients which artificially make the hair look thicker – prolonged use will actually make the hair shaft appear thicker – although stopping use of it will return the hair to how it looked before.

This means that the Nioxin hair growth systems actually do not really work for actually resolving the problem of hair loss or hair thinning – they are simply artificial chemicals that are their – kind of like putting make up on bad skin, to cover up.

If this is the approach you want to take towards your appearance, then go for it – but this is not actually an ideal way to approach cosmetic health when their are real solutions out there that work, which include changing your lifestyle and possibly using a natural product to help you along your way.

If you are looking for actual products that work, and that we have tested out, please see our homepage for the chart of the top hair growth products and methods to help stop hair loss and regrow hair, naturally and for real.

The reason for hair loss in men and women is not always understood – people think using a simply shampoo will restore hair – but this is far from the truth – the actual cause of hair thinning in the first place is inflammation – which is understood by scientists and doctors – although there are many who suggest its hormonal, which is true, but hormonal imbalance leads to inflammation and this causes the hair thinning – bad diet also leads to inflammation which can surely cause hair thinning – and a stressed person has more inflammation in them compared to a person who is relaxed – these all contribute.

Stopping inflammation at its root can be done by diet change, exercise and using products that help stop inflammation at the root – and Nioxin simply does not do this – fortifying with vitamins and minerals will not stop the inflammation which is the main problem when it comes to losing hair.



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