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detox liver for hair growth

There is always some fuss about detox and beauty – but nobody ever, will talk about why, or exactly how it works.

This is because they don’t understand, and fail to explain the importance of detox in general, let alone liver detox.

Let’s explain simply.

You brush your teeth everyday right?

Why can’t you brush your teeth once a week, or once a month even? What will happen if you do that to the state of your teeth (besides social issues)? Your teeth will face gum disease problems.

Same with skin – you wash your body once a day (hopefully hehe). What would happen if you started doing this once a month or every few months? Your skin will look years older!

This is the same, with internal organs – do you brush them daily? do you clean them daily? Do you even know how to get into every crack and corner of the internal body?

Natural Wellness Girl knows this, when they published this article on why you should detox. They explained how toxins are all over the place, in our foods especially – and now there really is no way to hide from them.

This doesn’t mean you need to have an intimidating detox regime to have fun – or even have a good thick healthy head of hair – you simply need to know exactly what it is – and since that is beyond the scope of this article, I invite you to study this personally, the sciences, the eastern medicine behind it, as well as what other bloggers say about it, to get the full picture.

detox skin and hair

We have rosey cheeks when we are in school – just like the girl pictured above – why do these fade in some people, but remain in some?

This is no genetics – this is behaviour and patterns of eating as well as emotional trauma which affects hormones, and thus affects toxicity levels (yes, your own body can create toxins which is enough to make you look older!).

There is no hiding – so how do you deal with detox, and what is the best way?

There are many ways to detox – but from the all, we don’t recommend juice detox, as this creates a surge in sugar levels that is way too high for any hormone system to face. A better detox is to drink organic vinegar (but not apple cider as this will break down teeth – but any other fruit based organic vinegar will do).

The way to do it is to put a teaspoon of organic fruit based vinegar in half a glass of water, and drink it once a day – no more, no less – more will damage your system – once a day is plenty – this works to detox the whole body, organs, vessels and the works.

Nettle extract (liquid) is great for liver detox – now you wonder, why specifically liver detox and not any other organ? Well, liver handles the toxins in the body – including ones you eat, as well as the toxic level hormones produced in the body – if the liver is already overloaded, then your toxicity levels will increase.

So a smart way of detox, is to focus on the liver and detox it with drinking 2 teaspoons of nettle extract per day – this will help directly with hair growth for both men and women as it helps balance the hormones (which is widely understood today).

Now that you know how to detox the liver – remember, emotional instability is the strongest toxin on earth for mankind. This can only really be fixed with conscious attention to oneself, and using methods of meditation on a daily basis (the detox of the mind, some teachers would like to call it)this will stabilize emotional reactivity, thus reducing daily internal toxic creation, and keeping you looking youthful, young and simply awesome!

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