Can DNA limit Hair Growth Results?

can genetics affect hair loss results

There are a lot of studies that show various findings on DNA and how it works – but till this day, we have not been able to trace a person’s exact face and whole body by using DNA – and until that day, it is hard to say if DNA limits the whole hair growth process.

That said – there are some obvious limitations – and we know today that hair follicles have a set time where they will produce hair (although we recently discovered, they do not actually die, but just become dormant).

The dormant hair stay dormant, and possibly increase as times goes on – this can be stopped or reversed by doing certain lifestyle changes, using certain hair products (and avoiding certain types), exercise, and most importantly, scalp massage.

The problem is inflammation that occurs – and to control this inflammation, increased circulation of blood has to occur, and stay that way for long term – this will not only prevent further hair loss, but also thicken the hair growth, and even regrow (not for all, but for a good many people, as it depends on hormone levels and other nutrition factors).

The best you can do is as mentioned above – and avoiding shampoos that artificially enhance hair strands; make them appear thicker, but not really actually thickening hair growth itself – these cause further damage, and more hair loss in the long term – you really don’t want this – and many shampoos like Nioxin, do exactly that.

So if doctors tell you that your Genetics is limiting your hair growth – I would not believe them right away – as we have not yet reached that stage of genetics study and understanding just yet – but yes, the theory is correct to some degree – but you can still change expression by outside influence and how the DNA and RNA will show expression – and one such method is scalp massage, lifestyle changes, and nutritional intake increase.

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