An Obvious yet Hidden Truth about Hair thinning in Men and Women

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It is often wondered why we lose hair as we age – for men or women, but some don’t seem to lose hair as fast – overall, we all do lose some hair as we age, there is hardly any exceptions.

Does this mean that it is impossible to naturally keep thick hair through life?

Most people will think so, even though this is not true; it is possible to restore lost hair naturally, but the underlying reasons must be understood – and most people don’t even understand these reasons to begin with.

Testosterone is often blamed for hair thinning, but no explanation in detail is ever understood – then some people say its the conversion to DHT is what the problem is – this too is still part information, and not complete; another is that whatever the reason, its inflammation that causes the hair to thin over time, and although this is a much better explanation, there is no reason why inflammation occurs in the first place (some more than others).

Yes, inflammation causes hair thinning in men and women – but what causes inflammation? Other than dietary things that cause and feed inflammation (sugars, fat and carbs), there is a reason why inflammation occurs in the first place – and the answer is circulation of the blood as well as the thinning of the fat layer in the skin on the scalp region (specifically the top part of the head) – hence most balding is at the top of the head, and never on the sides and back. (See article on “Gravity Theory” which explains hair loss by one scientist).

There is a reason for this –¬†and this is toxin build-up over time, as well as the diet that you have been eating (which causes hormone fluctuations and insulin sensitivity) – overall, its poor circulation which has caused the increased toxin build-up, which then leads to slower hair growth and thinner hair.

To counteract this, a person actually must do multiple things to improve their hair condition – from changing diet, to making sure blood flow is increased on the scalp (one powerful method is scalp massage) to many others out of the scope of this article – but if you understand this fundamental of hair loss, then you have empowered to help regrowth and maintain your own head of hair – you also now understand how natural healing works – and its not by just taking one supplement or product or shampoo – its about the combination and pure intent on changing an aspect of the body.

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