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Finding a safe method for helping hair growth and getting thicker hair is not as easy it as everyone thinks – but there are products and lifestyle changes that one can do to help accelerate towards their goals of healthier thicker hair.

Here we specifically collected Nioxin Reviews from all over the web, users and university research lab tests as well as what the global science community is saying – not only that but we also look at what the eastern medical community talks about when it comes to hair growth and regrowth – natural methods as well as drug methods of hair growth, and list which work, and which don’t.

So do any of the Nioxin systems work?

From looking at the chart above, you have some idea of what we are going to say – as the above chart shows the top and worst products.

After investigating on why people are buying Nioxin, despite little or no scientific evidence behind their various systems, we still took an open minded approach.

Nioxin claim that their products will “thicken each strand of hair, in 4 weeks time frame” – but what do they say about how their systems works, and why Nioxin works?

They say that by adding those certain ingredients in their formulas, things like Vitamins, White tea Extract, Peppermint Oil and other ingredients which they claim thicken the hair from the root – this claim is simply untrue.

Throwing in a mix of healthy sounding ingredients does not make for a hair growing formula – and its not as easy for recovering hair loss, and thickening hair growth as they seem to make it.

To understand this, you must first understand, what causes hair loss and thinning hair in the first place. 

nioxin reviews

Hair loss and thinning hair is caused from poor blood circulation in the scalp region – the vessels in the scalp are so tiny, that there is only room for one blood cell to enter at a time – this not only makes it very easy to get blocked, but also easy to unblock if given the right treatments.

The other thing that then occurs is inflammation, which is what causes the hair follicles to either produce less hair, poor quality hair, or even stop producing hair altogether. To restore this process you need something that not only detoxifies the scalp to unclog the vessels, but also stop the inflammation that is occurring, without the added SLS and harmful ingredients in the bottle.

It seems from most shampoos – the vitamins they add are synthetic vitamins – this means they are created artificially, or derived from non food sources (such as petroleum) – this also means they are not effective in any way for the human body, topically or taken orally.

Other ingredients in the Nioxin systems are fat based ingredients which artificially enhance the hair shaft – but this is only temporary and lasts for a few hours. The product lines do not actually contain anything that will help with actual thickening of hair growth like most products.

What products actually work for hair growth and thickening hair?

The only product that has proven to work over time again and again is called the Taoist Handmade Soap (or Taoist Soap) – this is applied only on the scalp, and left on it for 3-5 minutes at a time.

It is important to understand that just using one product or method is not usually enough to cause hair re-growth, and multiple areas of the individual must be targeted to help the reversal process and renewal of the hair follicles.

Shampoos and systems like Nioxin are not for people wishing for actual hair regrowth, and is only useful if you wish to make your hair seem thicker, because of the temporary effect it gives – but you can get this same effect from everyday advertised shampoos like head and shoulders and pantene – but long term they are likely to cause inflammation on the scalp due to the chemicals like SLS and others – this is why it is better to approach hair health in a holistic way.

Nioxin reviews found online are mostly from people who have used one or two of their systems once or twice, and seen the temporary effect it gives – when people used it for long term, many simply stopped using it after 2-3 months or finishing the amount they purchased and moved on to find another product.

It is better that you invest your time and money into yourself, by changing and improving your diet (find out what is exactly right for you, as this is not always simple, we are all different with different physiology) – adding an exercise regime, a scalp massage regime, using products that work, and working on emotional stability (emotions have a direct effect on hormone and inflammation that occurs in the body).